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A Life

A Life

I dream of a life…

Where there is no stress

No screams in the night

Putting sanity to the test

I dream of a life…

That greats me each day

A smile or a hug

Guiding me on my way.

I dream of a life…[p’’p;

When the day finally ends…

That sleep will come easy

And this nightmare will end.

Antony King 2018






‘’Whispers come within the night,

As ice upon the ear, With words of great destruction…

To feed your inner fear.’’

                                             Antony King 2018




Tell her not to worry,
As you wipe her tears away …
Kiss her softly on her cheek,
And keep her fears at bay.
Gently take her by the hand,
And lead her to the light…
Hold her in your warm embrace,
Protect her through the night.
For you… are her shining knight
Her strength she needs each day,
Never leave a doubting thought…
Or let her go astray.
Antony King 2018


His Heart

Morning came this dreary day

As he struggled to arise

To some, this day would come and go

But today held no disguise.

Many years have come and gone

As days merge into one

The bitter taste… in forsaken prayer,

Still weigh with heavy tone.

With aging eyes, he takes to path

The same as years before…

Pausing briefly for a moment…

For some flowers she adores.

He walks in quiet solitude

No thoughts to cloud his mind

His journey is but, at an end

He makes the final climb.

Today his heart is full of joy

His life has been complete…

As he gently lays the flowers

Where his heart is laid in peace.

Antony King 2018





The headlights on this highway

Blind as they pass by

Of this empty stretch of loneliness

I drive on through the night

My mind is blank

My body numb…

There is nothing left inside

A weary soul…  on open road

I am broken, still I drive.

Antony King 2018

Desert road at night far west usa 2009

Another Fine Day

The hour is late

For night has come

A time to rest…

Before another day dawns.

Sounds of the children

Soon will be here

As mothers watch over

Keeping them near.

The old man will come

With his bag full of crumbs…

He smiles and waves,

And watches the doves.

Folks will walk by,

and occasionally stay…

keeping me busy,

On another fine day.

Antony King 2018


The Girl On The Busy Street

From my window view each morning,

I watch as she walks by…

Through busy people walking past,

It is she… that draws my eye.

She comes by every morning,

On her way to who knows where…

My mind is full wonder,

For as I can only stare.

If I could only talk to her,

A meeting just in chance…

So many questions I would ask,

And pray … the moment last.

But this I fear will never be,

My desire, mine to bare…

For I am bound to only watch for her…

From the confines of this chair.

Antony King 2018





His Majesty

The tree in our backyard

Returns me to my youth

It gave me shade from the summer sun

and where, I read my books.

It sheltered me in troubled times

and when love came new to me…

We made our vowels, and carved our hearts

In the bark of that old oak tree.

But years have passed

And like the wind

Our lives just slip away …

But here you stand… You grand old man…

A testament to this day.

Antony King 2018



A Poets Ransom

To thee I give my heart, my soul

The one, I truly love.

I give to thee a flower

I have so often, spoken of.

I give to thee the earth and sky

The moon in summer’s night

The Robin in the spring…

That sings in morning’s light.

I give to thee loves soft caress

To ease in troubled times

I give to thee my ransom

My pen, this one last rhyme.

Antony King 2018




Going Home

The days for me have come and gone
When love was young… and still a song
Those carefree years spent dancing
Underneath, the never-ending sun.
The memories that I carry,
For tears, I have spilled in vain…
Will sustain me through my golden age
Baring Burdon, to this pain.
But as my time draws to the end.
I step back, to my past…
In Reverence to a life a-new
On my journey… home at last.
Antony King 2018


Thoughts To Ponder



What will it say
When it is all said and done.
Will it speak of your life?
Or songs left unsung…
Will it speak of great tales?
And friends that you’ve made…
Perhaps, Simple words…
He died on this day.
Antony King 2018


The Dance Of The Demons

They dance into the midnight hour

This ballet penned for fools

Unleashing all their fury…

Upon souls they mean to rule.

As screams invade one’s inner thoughts

The mind begins to bend

The demons dance has taken hold,

And now the war begins.

Lay waste upon the savage paths

This journey of the dammed…

For frailty to the victor…

As stains upon one’s hand.

The war is all but over

Whispers fill the air

The final act of the demon’s dance

Is more than this soul can bare.

Antony King 2018



The Night

So, touching is the night

When all the world seems right

Where children lie in silence

In dreams that hold them tight.

But as darkness reigns within this realm

This kingdom full of blight…

As the hour will be upon us

When demons take to flight.

For shadows will dance…

And hold your mind

In fears demented fold…

As the minutes pass like hours

Until mornings glorious glow.

Antony King 2018



The Debt

Do I dare go out?

Or do I simply stay in.

Letting flow the visions

That roll from my pen.

The morning is brisk

As the earth is alive…

Another days dawn

Yet, I am still alive.

My mind is ablaze!

Wild rhythms explode!

‘’Write I must, Write I must!’’

This debt that I owe.

Antony King 2018



New Paths

A heart beats life, and rhythm,

Fueling expectations…

Loves that have come and gone,

As new bring great elation.

Sing! Sing! the songs with jubilance

For all of heaven to hear,

Give thanks to those who touch our hearts…

That have made new paths appear.

Antony King 2018


The Visit

I awoke into the darkness

In the hour of this early morn

To a voice yet not inside of me

But a shadow at my door.

It bade me come and speak awhile

In a voice so coarse and cold

As a fear that I had never known

Consumed my bodies hold.

It spoke of things still yet to come

The memories from my past,

It spoke of my undoing

In a prophetic binding cast.

I questioned my existence

Or could this be a dream…

In company of this shadowed mass

I pray to be redeemed.

Antony King 2018


The Toll

Give to me the light of day

To warm my frozen heart,

To melt this hate that burns inside,

And release my futile thoughts.

Lay peace to ease this fragile mind

My body, heart, and soul…

Set free the bonds that burden me,

That I no longer pay its toll.

Antony King 2018



Summers Prayer

Summer rain it cleanses

Streaming down upon her face

Removing all the hopeless thoughts

At least for just one day.

She looks toward the heavens

With eyes that once shown bright

Seeking what was once a dream

In hope she finds the light.

She prays to god in silence

Please fill my heart with joy

Find me the strength to win this fight

As my soul can then rejoice.

Antony King 2018




Gods Little Angel

The clothes were worn and tattered

Her hair had been shuffled in knots,

Though her eyes they glowed with laughter…

You could tell, she had been through a lot.

She had seen her share of hard times,

And although, no one seems to care…

The little girl with a pearly smile,

And the golden shuffled hair.

She smiled at me when I took a knee,

As I wiped a tear from my eye…

‘’For why you are so sad dear, sir,

If you need help… I will surely try.’’

‘’Are you hungry sir… I have some food?

Or perhaps you’ve gone astray?

Just take my hand, and If I can…

I shall help you find your way.’’

Antony King 2018