Final Battle

Somberly I sit
In the dim light of this room
Patiently awaiting…
for a sign from this my tomb.
In the shadow stands my deepest fear,
As if to loom in candles light…
Awaiting my last hour,
My fight, or final flight.
For in that desperate moment,
When it all comes crashing down…
For fate has finally found me,
It is there, I shall stand my ground.
Antony King 2022

The Adoration Series

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Antony’s writing speaks to the heart. It’s personal, emotional, capturing messages about heartbreak, sadness, love, and life, all in a way that stirs the soul. Wonderfully honest and sometimes achingly mournful, and touching in ways that I fully comprehend, when a few verses can send chills running up one’s spine, then I believe that poet has accomplished exactly what he intended.
Thank you, Antony King, for offering us your soulful, moving, and beautiful poetry, and for producing such lovely words that will stick with me for many long years to come.


All Hallows




The moon is full
On this sleepless night
A time for all… to sit in fright.
Demons will dance, and witches will brew
While luring young souls to their fateful rue.
Beggars will play deep into the night
As crow take to wings… on an endless flight.
Goblins and ghosts will take to the air
Filling the night with a fearful despair.
Tricksters will play,
And doorbells will ring…
Giving a chill, to the dark autumn scene.
As candle gives light in a soft spooky tone,
As the carving of faces adorns darkened homes.
For nigh is this night so waited upon…
When spirits will rise, in hopes to move on
Sweet jubilation a feast to be sure…
For all hallows eve is finally here.

                                                                                   Antony King 2018

                                                                     (Published By SpillWords Press October,31,2018)


Darkest Fear

I woke from late night slumber
To the sounds of a rusty door
My body soaked from fearful sweat
As like many times before.
The fear has overwhelmed me
As I do not dare to move
As I await the sound of footsteps
Closing nearer to my room.
A chill has consumed my body
As my breath now fills the air
As ice into a winter’s night
This cold… I cannot bare.
The steps are now upon me
As my door begins to move
Like a moment just before one’s death
My life becomes my tomb.
The door it melts before me
Unveiling darkest fear…
For my wife has now returned from work
And I my nightmare now is here.
Antony King 2018

Happy Halloween



I find myself a drift

Adrift upon a sea

A sea of endless pity

Like a drink that never runs dry.

This drink…

This drink called life.

Rolling on the evening tides

Drifting further out to sea

Away from anything…

Everything … Just drifting.

The sun it rises then it sets

Like a day upon one’s life


And going…

Never ending

Still drifting away on the tide.

Antony King 2018

Published by The Rye Whiskey Review October, 18, 2018



Why Am I Here

This afternoon I walked to the corner bar

The smell of cheap booze

Cigarettes and perfume filled the air.

I see faces that I have seen so many times

But I do not know their names.

Names of empty faces

Friends so they say…

Buy them a drink and they will sit with you

And claim their love all the same.

I hate it in here.

But why do I come here…

For the booze or the fake friends.

Or perhaps I am  just lonely

Living in this solitude I call comfort

Safe… my own set of rules.

But I don’t follow rules.

I hate fucking rules.

But why am I here?

I guess it is  just out of habit…

Having to fill that temporary void

That void of human contact…

That I so often try to avoid.

Antony King 2018



My Wonderland

The bitterness of winter chill

Clings to the windows pane

As I sit and ponder many thought

Of an existence lived in vain.

The barren plane of winters white

An ocean full of void

Carries forth on deafened ears

The words that go untold.

So, do not sing the songs of winters past

In its joyous jubilee

Or sing to me of magic

Gathered round an evergreen.

The listless bite of frozen hell

Extends the minds demise

For as I stare off once again

In my wonderland of blight.

Antony King 2018






A Place She Would Like To Be

She loves the smell of flowers

That spring brings to the air

She longs for summer walks

Free of grief, and great despair.

She longs to feel the warmth of sun

So gently on her face…

As she strolls along the cobblestones,

In some quiet little place.

Perhaps a street in Italy

With its painted frescoed walls…

Where gondoliers sing softly

Of love that lingers on

Oh, but spring in gay Paris

For amour it fills the air

As wild Irises, and lilies

Adorn the streets and fairs

But in truth where she would like to be

Is a place where love can grow

Without life’s stain of cruelty

In a world where she belongs.

Antony King 2018




My Vision

A flower is just a flower

Or what one’s eyes perceives…

Some see it as an object

While others, see it differently

This morning as I arose

A scent of jasmine filled the air

A treasure I remember

Adorned my mother’s hair.

As robins sing their morning song

I walked in fields of green

In awe of all the wonder

In this majestic colored scheme.

As I walked I saw my father

Gently planting in his field

In hopes that grateful labor

Will bring him blessed yield.

My soul is ever humble

For this vision I have seen

I thank God in this moment

In my darkness that I see.

Antony King 2018






A Life

A Life

I dream of a life…

Where there is no stress

No screams in the night

Putting sanity to the test

I dream of a life…

That greats me each day

A smile or a hug

Guiding me on my way.

I dream of a life…[p’’p;

When the day finally ends…

That sleep will come easy

And this nightmare will end.

Antony King 2018






‘’Whispers come within the night,

As ice upon the ear, With words of great destruction…

To feed your inner fear.’’

                                             Antony King 2018




Tell her not to worry,
As you wipe her tears away …
Kiss her softly on her cheek,
And keep her fears at bay.
Gently take her by the hand,
And lead her to the light…
Hold her in your warm embrace,
Protect her through the night.
For you… are her shining knight
Her strength she needs each day,
Never leave a doubting thought…
Or let her go astray.
Antony King 2018


His Heart

Morning came this dreary day

As he struggled to arise

To some, this day would come and go

But today held no disguise.

Many years have come and gone

As days merge into one

The bitter taste… in forsaken prayer,

Still weigh with heavy tone.

With aging eyes, he takes to path

The same as years before…

Pausing briefly for a moment…

For some flowers she adores.

He walks in quiet solitude

No thoughts to cloud his mind

His journey is but, at an end

He makes the final climb.

Today his heart is full of joy

His life has been complete…

As he gently lays the flowers

Where his heart is laid in peace.

Antony King 2018





The headlights on this highway

Blind as they pass by

Of this empty stretch of loneliness

I drive on through the night

My mind is blank

My body numb…

There is nothing left inside

A weary soul…  on open road

I am broken, still I drive.

Antony King 2018

Desert road at night far west usa 2009

Another Fine Day

The hour is late

For night has come

A time to rest…

Before another day dawns.

Sounds of the children

Soon will be here

As mothers watch over

Keeping them near.

The old man will come

With his bag full of crumbs…

He smiles and waves,

And watches the doves.

Folks will walk by,

and occasionally stay…

keeping me busy,

On another fine day.

Antony King 2018