We’ve never really been anywhere 

We stay home most all the time 

But I guess it’s time that we get going 

As I have a special place in mind. 

The years that we have been together 

Have been so very special to me 

I remember in youth… our very first kiss 

Underneath that old oak tree 

I remember the time you fell asleep 

At a movie you just had to see 

And how I wouldn’t even move my arm 

Afraid I would disturb your peace 

We’ve never really taken walks, 

But today it seemed so right 

For it is here, at this very spot… 

It was the day you changed my life. 

So, I send you love into this stream 

And release your soul from sleep 

From this lonely urn where you have been 

And my hold…I set you free. 

Antony King 2018 



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